Posted by Kainalu on Feb 15th 2014

My journey to a better swing

Aloha everyone!  I have been meaning to start a blog on our site for years.  After a handful of years playing polo, I decided to start today by sharing my ideas and the process that I am going through to improve my offside forehand. 

Who doesn't want to hit the ball like Cambiaso, Facu Pieres, Nic Roldan, etc...  Isn't that what we do?  Practice our forehand over and over and over again.  Always in search for more distance, accuracy, height.

With a small amount of natural talent, but an obsession for learning, I hope to share with you my journey and maybe we together find the path to a better long ball. 

For me, the key is foundation, timing, equitation, and technique.  In short, I think that you need stable foundation in saddle to hit from.  Also, contact with the ball either too early or too late is very important.  Riding your horse to the ball and to a place where the ball is ideally placed. And finally, your swing... the perfect swing.  The perfect swing for you.  

I am going to focus on technique first in my next post.